Lukhnow: Aiming to revive its position in Uttar Pradesh, the Bharatiya Janata Party is leaving no stone unturned in its efforts to win the confidence of voters. The BJP has already assigned the task of heading the campaign for UP 2012 to the party seniors and elaborate strategies in this regard have been chalked out.

BJP’s vice president Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi in an interview with Dainik Jagran spoke about the party plans for the forthcoming assembly elections in UP. Without disclosing any name, he claimed that the BJP has finalized the party’s Chief Ministerial candidate in the state. Here are some excerpts of the interview:

Where do you see the Bharatiya Janata Party in upcoming Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections?
Looking at the current scenario, it seems the party is going to emerge strongly in the state. The results of Assembly elections will be startling. The public has expressed resentment over the performance of Bahujan Samaj Party, Samajwadi Party is not being preferred in the state and Congress is out of the picture. Considering this the tides are in favour of the BJP.

You are referring the BJP as the strongest in UP but wrangling has already marred the party activities in UP. BJP leaders are plotting against each other?
It may be so, but gradually situation is turning normal and I do not think there will be any problem by the time of elections.

Has the move of Congress to appoint too many Ministers in the Union Cabinet from Uttar Pradesh ruined the chances of the BJP in the upcoming UP elections?
Since Uttar Pradesh is a big state, it cannot be compared with any other states. We will have to prepare a separate strategy for UP. Given that, we have fielded a team of experienced leaders in the state with different responsibilities. The division of work has been done in such a way that there would not be any sort of conflict or confusion.

Why there is confusion over the name of would be Chief Minister from the state. There are talks that the party has no name for the post?
We have also decided the name of the Chief Minister.

If the party has already decided the name then why there is a delay in announcing it?
Some things are obvious even without announcing it.

While talking to Dainik Jagran, Kalraj Mishra, Chairman of UP Election Campaign Committee has questioned and asked for the name of the BJP's CM from UP?
Mishra was right. In coming days, the public will get to know the name of CM even without the formal announcement from the party.

Rajnath Singh, former national president of BJP has said that Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh will be from the state itself. Do you agree?
I completely agree with Rajnath Singh.

Does that mean Uma Bharti is not in the race for Chief Minister’s post in the UP?
Uma Bharti has never stated that she wants to be or is in the race for CM post? She wants to see the BJP back in power in Uttar Pradesh. After her return, she is engaged in the same work.

What is your view on Kalyan Singh episode?
Kalyan Singh is no more with the BJP. He has left the party, so any comment on him would be unfair.

Do you think if Kalyan Singh returns, it would be beneficial for the BJP?
Kalyan Singh’s experience would have surely benefited the BJP. But his exit from the party does not mean that the BJP is short of leadership in Uttar Pradesh.