"BJP has become desperate. They can see their defeat. There is not a single leader in the main opposition who can challenge Sheila Dikshit. Only AAP has the capacity and courage to take on Dikshit," he said.

Noting that BJP started their election campaign on Wednesday at the Talkotara stadium by targeting AAP, Kejriwal said, "BJP is trying to prove that AAP is created by Congress to damage BJP's vote share and that it is an agent of Congress party.”

"BJP has been defeated in Delhi for the last 15 years and this time too they will lose. BJP is a corrupt party fighting among themselves," he said.

He said that AAP will make a dent in both Congress and BJP's vote share and cited a survey, according to which, they are taking away BJP's 26 percent and Congress's 37 percent votes.

He said, "BJP leaders Nitin Gadkari and Vijay Goel who are themselves surrounded with corruption charges are promising to make Delhi corruption free. What can be more farcical than this?"

He also targeted BJP over alleged corruption in Delhi municipal corporations. "No work happens in the municipal corporation without money. Do they build any road or pass any building plan without taking bribe. Dengue cases are rising steadily because of the filth around the city which is resulting in mosquitoes. Can such a party give a future to the city," he said.

Clarifying the party's stand, he said that it is AAP that had "exposed" Congress president Sonia Gandhi's son-in-law Robert Vadra. "The same papers were lying with BJP for a long time but they had a setting with Congress and thus the details never came out," he alleged.

Kejriwal claimed that BJP has started speaking against rising electricity prices only now whereas the Dikshit government has been hiking the prices for the last three years. "In March 2013, BJP never raised the issue of rising electricity prices in the Assembly. Why didn't the BJP MLAs put in their papers when the Dikshit government had hiked the rates for the first time?” he said.

"They didn't because they didn't want to lose their power and now that elections are near they have started protesting against it," he alleged.

"Delhi's residents don't want to get rid of the Congress government only, they want to get rid of corruption and steep price rise in all commodities. And both Congress and BJP have become symbols of corruption,” he said.


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