The BJP national vice president Kalraj Mishra is of the view that fielding former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh and fire brand leader of the party, Uma Bharti, in Uttar Pradesh does not mean that the party has lost confidence in the senior leaders of the state. Rather, he emphasizes that by doing this the party has bestowed additional responsibility on the shoulders of the senior leaders.


How do you view the increase in poll percentage?

The increase in poll percentage indicates a change of regime in the state. People are fed-up with the corrupt BSP government.

Does the BJP party motivate the young voters in its fold out of maximum youth franchise?

The BJP has always opposed dynastic politics. We do not like projecting any particular face. We also have talented leaders like Varun Gandhi and Harish Dwivedi. Several young leaders are contesting in the elections.

But these young leaders are not at par with Rahul Gadhi or Akhilesh Yadav?

What is the ‘Rahul magic’ all about? Is he really strengthening the vote bank of the Congress? Had he been so effective, the Congress would not have fallen flat in Bihar assembly elections. They will face a similar situation in the Uttar Pradesh elections as well.

After extending support to Kushwaha, the tall claims of good governance made by the BJP have fallen flat?

After the Congress announced 4.5 percent sub-quota for the minorities within the 27 percent quota of the Backward Classes, Babu Singh Kushwaha protested the move for which he needed a political platform. And as the BJP too is opposed to communal reservation we extended support to Kushwaha.

By assigning Uma Bharti  role in UP politics, has the BJP hinted on scarcity of leadership in state?

It’s nothing like that. Be it Rajnath Singh, Surya Pratap Shahi, Uma Bharati or any other leaders, the BJP has full confidence in all of them. The party is only taking help from those who can contribute in party poll prospect.

If it is so, then why has the party leadership fielded Uma Bharti from Charkhari constituency?

By doing this, party has sent across a message that the BJP is fielding senior leaders to fight the election battle. Like in my case, I am the national vice president of the party and also a Rajya Sabha member, what is the need for me to contest elections? But the party has given me a responsibility which I need to fulfill.

By fielding Uma Bharti, has the party confirmed her as a contender for the chief ministerial candidate in the state?

The BJP Parliamentary Board has to first give its consent on this and then the newly elected MLAs will fulfill its responsibility of selecting its leader.

In case of a fractured mandate, what will be the BJP’s stand?

I am pretty sure that BJP will come to power in the state. But in case of a fractured mandate, we will like to sit in the Opposition rather than extending support to any party.

(JPN/ Bureau)