BJP vice-president Wilfred Mesquita on Tuesday said the Church was free to make its own assessments and comments.

"They have every right to comment and speak their mind. Who has stopped the Church?” Mesquita asked.

The Council for Social Justice and Peace (CSJP) had on Tuesday lashed out at Modi for promoting personality-oriented politics and while blasting the ‘good governance’ claims, hinted that communal and corporate forces had together ‘infiltrated’ India's secular spirit.

The Church also lashed out at Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar-led Goa government for misgovernance and said it has a tendency towards corruption like the past governments.

The Church asked Goans to vote for a ‘secular’ India, to which Mesquita responded, “At least the Church has asked Goans to vote for a secular India and not pseudo-secular India.”

With Catholics accounting for a little less than a third of the state population, the Church has significant socio-political clout in the coastal state.


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