"Congress is in depression ever since it lost Lok Sabha elections. It is gripped with negative thoughts and criticises everything," BJP national secretary Shrikant Sharma said.
"Congress should accept the reality and not speak the language of Pakistan, as done by it in the past. It should instead play the role of a constructive opposition and start talking in national interest and for the country's security," he said.
He was reacting to Congress leaders' attack on Union Ministers for making "boastful and jingoistic" statements on the Myanmar operation.
Sharma said that instead of criticising the government, Congress should have congratulated the armed forces for their action in killing Naga infiltrators and should appreciate government's intent to fight terror.
Asking Congress not to politicise the issue, he said the opposition party should have an introspection of its "mistakes" committed during the UPA's 10-year rule.
"There is a strong leadership in place now and it will not repeat those mistakes. Through this operation, there is a clear message that if anyone tries to play with India, death will beseech the enemies," the BJP leader said.
"The Myanmar attack is just a beginning. There will be similar actions whenever anyone tries to play with India's security and challenges it," he said, while asking Congress to refrain from making "irresponsible" statements.

"Congress has a history of being soft on terror and those who foment it. Its leaders used to address terrorists like Osama bin Laden and Hafiz Sayeed as "saheb". Its government scrapped anti-terror law POTA and remained silent when Indian soldiers were beheaded by Pakistan," Sharma said.

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