New Delhi: BJP on Tuesday hit out at SP and BSP for their "double standards" in supporting Congress-led UPA government, while insisting that it has no intention of bringing it down.

"We don't want to bring down the government. It is UPA's problem to decide who supports it and who does not. Some of its allies maintain different stand in Delhi and Lucknow," BJP president Nitin Gadkari said while addressing a rally organised by Bharatiya Janta Majdoor Sangh.

Without naming Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party which are supporting the UPA from outside, but are opposing FDI in retail and hike in diesel price, he said, "They oppose government's policies, but support it when they come to Delhi. These are the parties which go for a duel in Lucknow but offer friendship in Delhi."

Charging the UPA government with being corrupt and anti-people, Gadkari cited the various scams worth crores of rupees in allocations for 2G spectrum, coal blocks and Commonwealth Games.

"They have blackened their face in coal scam. How will they be able to do anything for welfare of poor. 2G spectrum was a scam of worth Rs 1.76 lakh crore, then CWG happened. Now in coal allocation there is a scam of Rs 1.86 lakh crore," he alleged.

Retorting to the allegations that BJP is not letting the government function properly, Gadkari said, "Sonia Gandhi says BJP is not allowing the government to function. But does that mean we are the inspiration behind these scams. Did we guide them on the path of committing these scams."

Targeting the Congress for its "anti-people measures", he alleged, "Congress has ruined the poor and labourers. Congress is not the party of poors but looters.

"This is the all India Congress of thieves and it will never do anything for welfare of poor. This is not All India Congress Committee but All India Coal Congress committee."

Voicing hope that NDA will come back to power in the next general elections with a BJP Prime Minister, Gadkari promised to implement schemes for welfare of poor and labourers.

Senior BJP leader Murali Manohar Joshi was also present at the rally.

On the issue of black money stashed in foreign banks, Gadkari said, "Rs 21 lakh crore worth of black money is stashed in foreign banks. Perhaps it is a crime to demand anything which will ensure welfare of poor. Congress used police force and threw out the people who were demanding that black money should be brought back."

Accusing the Congress of hurting the sentiments of poor, Gadkari said, "Congress said that people earning more than Rs 32 in cities are rich and for villages it said Rs 28 is enough. I would like to ask Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister how can one survive with this money."

"Farmers are committing suicide, youths are unemployed, villages don't have roads and now they are ensuring that even the sale of basic commodities takes place through foreign companies, he said.

"Now Walmart will sell the stuff which are sold by small shopkeepers to earn their livelihood. Please recall what were the rates of essential commodities during the NDA rule and how much they have increased now," he said.

Asking the UPA government to share its plans for uplift of poor and labourers, he said, "Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister must share their plans, if any, for improving the lives of poor. Congress works on the formula to eradicate poor and not poverty."

He promised that if NDA comes to power, it will provide pension and health insurance for labourers. "We will also provide interest free loans to them for building houses costing less than Rs 5 lakh."


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