New Delhi:As the CBI tightens its noose around former minister of Uttar Pradesh Babu Singh Kushwaha, the BJP looks perturbed. Though Kushwaha could not be inducted in the party due to internal differences, he is campaigning for the BJP from different public platforms. On one hand  some members in the party are in favour of Kushwaha's induction whereas other leders are opposed to him .

The BJP is openly playing caste politics in the assembly elections. It is leaving no stone unturned in adding new voters while consolidating its old vote bank. And in order to do this , the party had took a drastic step of inducting Kushwaha in BJP. However, it was unsuccessful in doing so after differences within the party over his induction cropped up. But this has not dampened Kushwaha ’s spirits to campaign for the party in the state.

On the other hand the CBI is tightening its noose around Kushwaha for his alleged involvement in the NRHM scam.

A number of Kushwaha supporters in the BJP are of the view that his induction will benefit party prospects in UP elections as the Kushwaha society will come out in their favour. Huge turnout of people in Kushwaha’s rally is a testimony to this fact.

On the contrary, a Kushwaha detractor has said that his arrest may adversely affect party prospects in the state and the opposition will use it as a tool against the BJP.  Protesting Kushwaha’s induction into the party, BJP MP Yogi Aditya Nath candidly said that after all a criminal is a criminal whether he is affiliated to any party or not.

JPN\ Bureau