New Delhi: As the assembly elections are round the corner in Uttar Pradesh, all political parties are making last ditch effort to woo all castes to maximize their gains.

The BJP, with an aim of reviving its lost image in the largest populous state Uttar Pradesh has fielded candidates in sync with the caste dynamics of the constituencies. The party has focused on tapping the Brahmins and the backwards vote as well.

On the other hand, the Congress has prioritised its target vote group in the state and has galvanised its campaign in order to reach out to the all castes including minorities.

The Muslim vote has become very important in Uttar Pradesh. While the Samajwadi Party has shifted its focus on the Muslim votes, the ruling BSP is wooing non-Yadav backwards and Brahmin votes to retain power for the second consecutive term.

The upcoming assembly election in the state is extremely important for the BJP as its results will give a change to position itself for 2014 general election and thus, the BJP is vying to regain its lost glory in Uttar Pradesh.

According to the sources in BJP, the party has fielded more numbers of candidates belonging to forward caste in comparison with other political parties.

It has fielded only one Muslim candidate whereas, the SP and BSP has given priority to Muslim candidates.