"There are many issues... I am surprised how she will cope up with this and how she will explain (this) to the people and to herself," Kejriwal said in an interview conducted in his car while heading for a party rally.

"I am surprised at her entry into the BJP because the BJP stands for exactly the opposite of what Kiran Bedi had always been saying she stands for," Kejriwal said.

Fighting a now-or-never election against the BJP and the Congress, Kejriwal also asserts that the middle class, disenchanted with him after he resigned last year after ruling Delhi for 49 days, was returning to the AAP in large numbers.

"Kiran Bedi talks of women's safety. But how can you have a person charged with rape in the (BJP-led) cabinet?"

Kejriwal, 46, and Bedi, 65, were close colleagues during the 2011 anti-corruption movement of Gandhian activist Anna Hazare that shook India. The two later had a fallout.

Bedi joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) last week. On Tuesday, she was named its Chief Ministerial candidate for the February 7 electoral battle in Delhi.

"She (Bedi) stands for transparency. But the BJP does not want to make its funding transparent," Kejriwal went on.

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