The septuagenarian actor-politician said he has the highest regard for Prime Minister Narendra Modi. "Who is saying this, those who are responsible for the humiliating defeat in Bihar. Those who themselves are on their way out, those who are not able to show their faces. They are only giving vent to their frustration," he said.

Such leaders should look their own credentials first, he told reporters here. "Let them look at their own credentials. They have made such a humiliating defeat. Who is the leader there? I feel some people, may be some small people are saying this.

“The BJP is my first and last party," he said. The MP from Patna Sahib was replying to a query on the remarks of some BJP leaders in Bihar that Sinha should quit his Lok Sabha membership over his critical comments.

"I have never ever gone against my party, against the Constitution. I never ever gone against my nation. I love my motherland. I am a very proud Indian. I have full faith in the Constitution. I have highest regard for our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. But, certain things which have happened, I wish, hope and pray that good sense will prevail upon our people and peace would return,” the BJP leader cited.

"This chaotic situation we are going through, without blaming anyone, we only hope, sooner the better, the country would again be put back on the peace...," he said.

When told he appeared to have earlier supported JNUSU President Kanhaiya Kumar, arrested on sedition charge, Sinha said he had spoken on the issue when it was not sub-judice and on the basis of material available to him then.

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