Lucknow: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is still in a lurch over the poll alliance in Uttar Pradesh assembly elections scheduled for 2012. The issue has come into limelight before the forthcoming National Working Committee meet of BJP. While the majority of BJP members are not in favour of a poll-alliance  while a section of partymen are lobbying to cut ties with NDA allies JDU. Simultaneously,  By demanding more seats under the alliance JDUhas increased to the miseries of senior BJP leaders.

The past experiences of coalition government headed by BJP in UP have been extremely sour, and the party had to suffer immense loss due to the alliance. Clubbing hands with Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) to form state government was a mistake which is still being regretted by BJP. The alliance with Rastriya Lok Dal in UP, too proved a disaster for BJP.

In the 2002 assembly seats, BJP had left as many as 37 assembly seats to its allies RLD in the western part of the state. The step backfired on the saffron party as it came down from 65 assembly seats to 13 seats in the western part of UP.Whereas making use of the poll alliance, RLD was successful in winning in 15 assembly segments.

BJP committed the same mistake in the 2009 Lok Sabha elections and formed an alliance with RLD. Out of the 21 seats of western UP, BJP could win only in five, whereas their allies were successful in winning seven lok sabha seats. Similarly, BJP could not take advantage of the alliance in the legislative council elections. In their effort to woo the Kurmi vote bank, BJP had trucked along with Apna Dal, but once again the move proved a disaster for the party.

The sour experiences of a poll alliance has forced the BJP leaders to give prominence to the issue in the forthcoming BJP national executive meeting in Lucknow scheduled on June 2.

BJP’s former President of Purvanchal region, Vijay Sen Singh has written letters to party bigwigs requesting them to break ties with JDU.

He said, “The anti- Hindutva policies of the JDU are not beneficial for BJP and as a result we are suffering.”

On the other hand, JDU after enjoying the unprecedented success in the Bihar elections has raised its  demand over seat -sharing for assembly seats in UP.

The JDU leaders have claimed that Nitish factor would have a positive impact in UP (especially Kurmi and backward classes). By raising the demand for 50 seats, the JDU leaders have posed a major problem for the BJP think-tank.

In this regard, JDU Secretary-General KC Tyagi claims, “The state can succeed on the basis of both Hindutva and Bihar model. And to think over this, the party would start a series of meetings from Azamgarh the first one would be held on June 13.”

Meanwhile, BJP president Surya Pratap Sahi is of the view, “Other than the NDA allies there is no question of an alliance with any other party.”

(JPN/ Bureau)