"BJP leaders are day-dreaming about power. They are so engrossed in their greed for power that they are pulling each other down. If they think they can win hearts of the people by using flowery language, they are mistaken. India is not just any other country," the Congress Chief said at an election rally in MP, taking on the BJP and the state government.
Noting that India is a thought which gives much regard to composite culture and the principles of brotherhood, compassion and sacrifice, Gandhi said, "They have never understood it and will never understand. They turn a brother against a brother for their selfish ends. There is a need to be cautious about them."
This is for the first time that Gandhi has targeted the BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate so hard. It came a day after Modi, in a rally at Chhattisgarh, said that since she is ill, she should let her son Rahul take over. The remark drew sharp criticism from the Congress which sought an immediate apology from him.


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