BJP and Left parties latched on it to attack Congress and accused the ruling party of using people for their votes.
JuH chief Mehmood Madani said these "so-called" secular parties should first make their agenda and manifesto clear about what they wish to do for the people. "These so-called secular parties should explain what their governments in different states have done. What promises they have fulfilled and which ones still remain. They should seek votes on this basis and not on the basis of fear of somebody else (coming to power)," Madani said.
He said all such parties should not do negative politics, but instead inform the people whether they have created equal opportunities. BJP and Left parties used these remarks to criticize Congress.
"It is now clear as to how Congress has been exploiting people for votes. It has been scaring the voters to get their votes. But people have gradually realised this," BJP Vice President Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said.
He said people are worried about price rise and corruption and asserted that these are the primary issues. Another BJP leader, Siddarth Nath Singh, alleged that Congress believes in divide and rule. "People know that Congress always believes in divide and rule. It creates a rift between Hindu and Muslim brothers."
CPI (M) leader Sitaram Yechury said any type of communal polarization from any quarter for political benefits is not good. "We need to rouse people against such things to protect our secular, democratic traditions," he said.


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