The survey for January 2014 predicted that the BJP will continue its good run in Rajasthan by winning 20-24 of the 25 Lok Sabha seats in the state.

The BJP was projected to win 41-49 seats in the electorally crucial Uttar Pradesh if elections were held now. The state sends 80 MPs to Lok Sabha. The BJP had won only 10 seats in the 2009 general elections.

The survey projected a major downslide for the Congress in Uttar Pradesh. It predicted that it will win 4-10 seats if elections were held now. The party had won 21 seats in 2009.The ruling Samajwadi Party in Uttar Pradesh was slated to win 8-14 seats compared to its present strength of 22 MPs.

The Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) was predicted to do marginally better with 10-16 seats but below its present strength of 21 MPs. The survey predicted 11 percent rise in the BJP's vote share in the state and said the party will win 38 percent votes if elections were held today.

The survey said the AAP would make its debut in the Lok Sabha and could win 4-6 seats in Delhi if elections were held now. The Congress, which had won all seven seats in the national capital in 2009, was not likely to win a single seat if elections were held in January 2014. The BJP was predicted to win 1-3 seats.

The survey said the AAP was projected to get 48 percent vote share in Delhi if elections were held now. The BJP was projected to secure 30 percent votes and Congress 16 percent.

It said 74 percent of Delhi's residents were satisfied with the work of the AAP government."Arvind Kejriwal enjoys huge popularity as Delhi Chief Minister with 76 percent satisfaction level," the survey said.

It said Kejriwal pipped Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi "as preferred choice of Prime Minister" with 34 percent wanting him for the top job.

"Thirty-two percent respondents said they prefer Modi as prime minister. Rahul Gandhi is third at 8 percent," it said. In Rajasthan, where the BJP formed the government with a resounding majority, the survey predicted that the party's good run will continue.

It said the BJP will win 20-24 seats in January 2014, with the Congress getting only 0-2 seats and up to five seats will go to others. It said the BJP may secure 54 percent vote share in Rajasthan if Lok Sabha polls were held today while the Congress could secure 33 percent votes.

"Fifty-four percent respondents in Rajasthan say the United Progressive Alliance government does not deserve another chance at the centre," it said.


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