Patna: A BJP MP who had a few days back publicly criticised Nitish Kumar and Sushil Kumar Modi for failure of the NDA government in Bihar on wide range of issues, on Sunday passed the buck on inefficient administrative machinery for non-delivery of welfare schemes to the people.

"Whether it be at the Centre or in states, the benefits of development and welfare schemes have failed to reach to the targeted people due to the archaic and inefficient administrative machinery," Uday Singh told reporters in Patna.

Interestingly, Uday Singh alias Pappu Singh is the younger brother of JDU Rajya Sabha MP N K Singh, who is very close to Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. 
Singh, the two-term BJP MP from Purnia parliamentary constituency released a report to substantiate his charge against the administrative machinery for inefficient and corrupt.
The country was being administered by the same administrative structure which the Britishers had built and left behind at the time of independence 65 years ago, he said.

The political parties were only partial responsible for non-delivery of development and welfare schemes to the people as they should have ensured better monitoring and supervision to ensure that the people did benefit, Singh said, adding, that it was also the duty of political class to reform bureaucratic structure to suit needs of the country that
unfortunately has not happened till date.

He denied having castigated the Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister and the NDA government for non-delivery of various goods to the people as also on prevalence of rampant corruption in Bihar at the 'Vedna rally' organised by him in Purnia district on September 30 last.

He said that he had vented his ire at the administrative set up for non-implementation of development and welfare schemes in an effective manner to benefit the people.


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