AICC general secretary Shakeel Ahmad said it is the BJP's habit to politicise everything. "But we must understand one thing that anti-social elements or law breakers are not well-wishers of anyone. So, in cases of law and order, there should be no politicisation," he added.

Ahmad, however, expressed his faith in the country's judicial system and said that the law is taking its course in this case. "Whoever has broken the laws of the land will be punished adequately. Our legal system is very strong and sorted.

He should be punished adequately according to the crimes he has committed. Punishing such criminals is beneficial in a way that other people are then discouraged to commit crimes. Our legal system may be late in certain cases, but they do deliver justice," he added.

The underworld don, who was brought to India this morning after being deported from Bali, is currently under the custody of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and Interpol.

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