New Delhi: BJP on Monday said defence preparedness is a sensitive issue and it would not like to make a "political" statement on it but insisted the government take all measures to meet any shortcomings as pointed out in a parliamentary committee report.

 "What has been stated in the report of the Standing Committee on Defence has already been pointed out by our leader Jaswant Singh. He had said shortage of ammunition is not good for the country," BJP spokesperson Shahnawaz Hussain said.

In its report tabled  on Monday , the Standing Committee on Defence said the Army representatives have also said problems of shortage of tank ammunition surfaced after blacklisting of Israeli firm IMI which was recently barred from doing any business with Indian defence sector.

"The Committee (members) are alarmed over the way deficiencies have been allowed to persist leading to criticality in ammunition in the country," the report said. BJP said it has never believed in playing politics on defence issues.

"All shortcomings in defence preparedness should be met. We should not be weak in comparison to our neighbours," Hussain said.