AAP leader Ashutosh criticised the BJP for questioning the timing of the sting operation, saying the main issue was whether the mosque was ‘deliberately demolished or not’.

"Why is the BJP questioning the timing of the sting? Only because now the truth has come out. They might call it 'Congress-sponsored' but they owe an explanation," he said during a road show.

“They are not questioning the 'contents' of the sting but only talking about its timing," he added.

The news portal 'Cobrapost' in a sting operation on Friday claimed that Babri Mosque demolition was an ‘act of planned sabotage’ and not the work of a frenzied mob of Hindu outfits.

The investigation claimed that the entire ‘sabotage’ was planned with so much secrecy that no government agency got a wind of it.

After many years of investigation, the CBI has not been able to find clinching, corroborative evidence against all those 40 it has made accused in its charge sheet, it claimed.

When asked about yesterday's attack on Kejriwal at a public rally, Ashutosh denied it being a ‘publicity stunt’.

"It was not a publicity stunt. The other parties are scared of us and that is why they called it publicity stunt," he said.

He also rejected results of opinion poll about AAP's success in Lok Sabha polls, saying, "We were given five seats by opinion polls in Delhi assembly polls but the results were evident. The same would be repeated in the upcoming elections too."


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