NCP spokesman Nawab Malik said senior BJP leaders Gopinath Munde and Nitin Gadkari's overtures towards the MNS and the subsequent meeting with Raj Thackeray had miffed the Shiv Sena, eventually widening the rift between the two parties.
"BJP is in a secret pact with MNS and this has irked the Sena leadership, it has never happened that the Sena and MNS were fighting on the streets. It is a game plan of the BJP and a conspiracy against the Shiv Sena," Malik told reporters.     

He said that since BJP was unable to strike alliance with MNS openly, they had a secret understanding with the MNS.
Speaking on the election prospects in Maharashtra, Malik said the Congress-NCP alliance will win 38 of 48 seats in the state.
This will be a repeat performance of the 1998, he said.


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