BJP said the Trinamool MP has not only transgressed parliamentary ethics but has also hurt the pride of 125 crore Indians by his "undignified and unparliamentary" remarks.
"The BJP condemns in the strongest of words the indecent, undignified and unparliamentary remarks of TMC leader Kalyan Banerjee against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The BJP demands a public apology from Mamata Banerjee for this deplorable act...," BJP national secretary Shrikant Sharma said.
He said Mamata Banerjee's silence on this "undignified act" of her party MP brings to light the double standard of Trinamool Congress. "The moral failure of TMC leaders is the beginning of its political decline," he said.
"Through this undignified comment against the Prime Minister, not only has Kalyan Banerjee transgressed parliamentary ethics, but has hurt the pride of 125 crore Indians," he said.
Sharma said it is unfortunate that the TMC is hurting democratic values and parliamentary decorum. "This is condemnable. BJP condemns this audacious act of Kalyan Banerjee," he said.
Addressing a rally in Hooghly district last week, the Trinamool MP had made severe personal attacks against the Prime Minister and BJP leader in charge of West Bengal Siddharth Nath Singh.
The BJP leader said the TMC is "nervous" as a massive crowd turned up in the rally of BJP president Amit Shah in Kolkata on November 30.
"The people of West Bengal have given a befitting reply for this deplorable act of them by attending the rally in large numbers. This is the reason why the leaders of TMC, in fear of losing their base, in confusion, desperation and repression are giving meaningless statements.
"The public is tired of the dictatorship behaviour of the TMC. Now, the people of West Bengal want change, under the leadership of Prime Minster Narendra Modi. They see the BJP as a ray of hope and people are joining BJP in large numbers," he said.

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