New Delhi: The Bharatiya Janata Party, which joined corus with Janata Dal (United) president and National Democratic Alliance convenor Sharad Yadav to oppose the Team Anna on Monday in the Lok Sabha, has decided not to lash out at the social activist sensing the political reality.

The saffron party remained silent over the censure motion moved by Yadav against members of Team Anna following their utterances against MPs.

During one-day fast on Sunday at Jantar Mantar over effective Lokpal, the Team Anna member Kejriwal had called MPs rapists and murders.

"Will 'good' MPs today stand by 162 MPs with criminal backgrounds or would they demand cleansing of Parliament. Whole country would watch today," prominent Team Anna member Arvind Kejriwal tweeted.

Another key member Kiran Bedi tweeted, "Can our Parliament while debating a resolution condemning Team Anna pass a creative/strategic vision of what Parliament ought to be and how?"

MPs in Lok Sabha had hit out at Team Anna on Monday for using derogatory language against Parliamentarians and political parties during Anna Hazare's one-day fast in Jantar Mantar on Sunday.

Defending himself, Kejriwal on Monday claimed that the current Parliament has a "serious problem of credibility" as there are 162 lawmakers having criminal records.

Bedi on Tuesday said, "Parliament time is preciously expensive. It could be put to better use by resolving -- parties won’t give tickets to tainted candidates."

She said any government official with 'doubtful integrity' is denied promotion and there is no such thing for MPs. "Please listen to your voters appraisal," she said.

"We appeal to Parliament to pass a strategic vision which includes zero tolerance towards 'Judicial-charged MPs'. It will help restore trust," she added.

"How about total recall of dialogues of movies where politicians are shown corrupt/immoral and cleared by Censor Board. Any privilege against any one? When anti-corruption movement exposes stark realities, it is bitter truth and bound to hurt some entrenched mind sets. It is understandable," she said.