"It is being very unfair on the part of the Chief Minister to take credit for the performance of the government during its two (consecutive) terms. BJP was very much part of it for seven years ... He (Kumar) should have given credit to us too for all good works happening in Bihar," BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi told reporters.

Sushil Modi, the former Deputy Chief Minister, was speaking while releasing BJP's report card to counter the one released by Kumar a couple of days ago. He sought to sum up the state government's performance over the past decade with a slogan 'Saat saal mein badhi raftaar, dhai saal mein bantadhar (Bihar has marched forward for seven years, but things have gone awry in the last two and a half years) and said BJP has come forward with its own report card on the Nitish Kumar government's performance to expose its shortcomings post the severance of alliance between JD(U) and BJP.

Referring to Chief Minister Nitish Kumar inaugurating a slew of projects for the state recently, he said all those projects were conceived in the first term by the NDA government in Bihar and that too by Departments held by the BJP ministers.

Over the past two years since the parting of ways by the two erstwhile NDA constituents, Bihar has been facing political instability with crime, corruption and lawlessness as hallmarks ever since RJD and Congress, besides other smaller allies supported JD(U) to run a fragile government for remainder of its current term, he claimed.

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