New Delhi: BJP on Wednesday attacked Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for his "continued and persistent absence" from the Lok Sabha, alleging he was not around when his presence was required and important issues were being discussed.

Soon after External Affairs Minister S M Krishna made a statement in the House on Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari's visit to India on April 8, BJP member Jaswant Singh stood up to register his protest over the absence of the Prime Minister Singh from the House.

The former External Affairs Minister maintained that the Prime Minister should have made the statement as the visit involved a Head of State and shared with the House what exactly transpired during his deliberations with Zardari.

"This statement pertains to a Head of State. Parliamentary propriety demands that the Prime Minister should have made this statement," he said.

He, however, clarified that he was not questioning the competence of the External Affairs Minister. Jaswant Singh also alleged that the Prime Minister is rarely present in the House.

He expressed concern over the Prime Minister's "continued and persistent absence from the House", particularly when important issues were being discussed and his presence was required.