Dehradun: The political crisis in the newly appointed Vijay Bahuguna government seems to be unending as about a dozen of loyalist MLAs of Harish Rawat are still camping in New Delhi.

Despite having less number of MLAs, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) fielded two candidates in the Rajya Sabha elections in the state. The Uttarakhand BJP chief whip issued notices to all its 31 MLAs to be present in Delhi by Tuesday evening.

The sudden decision of BJP high command has created a furore in the political corridors of Uttarakhand.

The BJP leaders are not in a position to comment on the move that party will either discuss the Rajya Sabha poll or reap the benefit from the political bickering in the Congress.

According to the highly placed sources in the BJP, all the party MLAs are going to visit Gujarat or Madhya Pradesh. Generally this move is being seen as precautionary steps being taken to ensure the party candidate’s victory in the Rajya Sabha poll.

But the Congress has already required MLAs to get its candidate elected to the Rajya Sabha.

Speculations are rife that new political equation is likely to emerge in the state after the oath taking ceremony of ministers and the day of withdrawal of nomination paper for the Rajya Sabha poll.