"The problem is not that PM Modi is not speaking. The problem is that Arunji is not listening. The day he learns to listen to others, he will stop talking like this," BJP spokesperson M J Akbar said reacting to Shourie's sharp criticism of PM Modi over his 'silence' on incidents of 'intolerance' like Dadri lynching and beef row.
Quoting PM Modi's statements on the issues, including an interview in a Bengali daily, Akbar said PM Modi had spoken several times on these controversies.
Asked why the one-time supporter of PM Modi and also former Union Minister in the previous NDA government had turned a critic, he told a press conference that Shourie was 'unable to see and listen in the darkness of his emotions'.
Akbar declined to elaborate, saying those who can understand will understand what he meant. Several BJP leaders have alleged that Shourie's criticism
of Modi government sprang from his not being given a ministerial berth.

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