Earlier on Monday, Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks made clear that US diplomatic cables it released in 2011 never claimed that Modi is incorruptible or the lone honest Indian politician.

However, taking strong exception to WikiLeaks’ clarification, Hussain said the people of India have seen Modi’s good governance in Gujarat and the three-time Chief Minister would rule the nation with same vigour and honesty once he becomes the Prime Minister.

“Narendra Modi does not need a character certificate from anyone,” Hussain said.

“People of the country have seen his capability as the chief minister in Gujarat. He will serve people of India as truthfully when he becomes the PM,” he added.

The whistle-blowing website further added that the “incorruptible” quote instead came from Rajkot Congress party leader Manoharsinh Jadeja.

WikiLeaks also accused the BJP supporters of circulating posters that quoted their founder Assange as saying, “America is scared of Modi because they know that he is incorruptible.”

“Narenda Modi's #BJP has been pushing this fake #Modi endorsement- but #Assange has never said anything about #Modi,” WikiLeaks said on its official Twitter account.


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