"The city, known for its wood work and communal harmony, has to pay the price due to the failure of the district administration and the government in handling the situation," said MLA Suresh Rana, a member of the delegation.
He also alleged the rioters created mayhem, burnt shops and destroyed properties under the nose of police and the administration.
"The kind of arms used by the rioters were sophisticated and not seen anywhere else than Srinagar," said the legislator from Thana Bhawan constituency in Shamli district.
The Uttar Pradesh BJP delegation also met family of the slain trade union leader Harish Kochar and also went to the shops burnt during the clashes.
Rana claimed the people who instigated the clashes have been identified on social networking site but the police have not taken any action against them so far.
He criticized the Uttar Pradesh government alleging over 150 riots have taken place so far in the state and rioters are being shielded by the ruling party.
Clashes broke out on Saturday between two communities over a land dispute in which three persons were killed and 34 injured.

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