"Instead of indulging in political drama by way of a protest fast, Nitish Kumar should review why paddy is procured from farmers at a slower pace and on distribution of subsidised diesel to them," senior BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi said in a statement.
The BJP leader counted merit of the Land Acquisition Bill saying interest of farmers has been given top priority in it. He said states were not bound by the legislation.
"If Nitish Kumar wants, he can formulate a better legislation on acquiring land for development work and pay a handsome amount as compensation to farmers for their land," Sushil Modi said.
Kumar, who was posing himself as a champion of farmers, should explain why there was a condition of chaos across the state in terms of purchase of paddy from farmers, Sushil Modi said.

The Chief Minister should explain why the agriculture budget for 2014-15 was lower by Rs 500 crore, he said. Despite availability of funds why diesel subsidy has not been distributed among farmers for past two year, Sushil Modi, who was Deputy to Kumar during the NDA rule, added.

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