Singh cited that the former bureaucrat's views were his own, and that the party could not be held accountable for it. "It could be an individual view point, but certainly, there is a process which is a very democratic process in the party, through the central election committee and the parliamentary board. They come together and they decide on the ticket distribution. So, therefore, nobody should be raising questions on the decisions of the central election committee," Singh told cited.

"My request goes to all BJP leaders in Bihar that please focus on ensuring that there is no jungle raj part 2 and we all together will fight and defeat the opposing alliance, and at the same time, one should also practice restraint," he added.

A similar comment came from another BJP leader Nalin Kohli, who said, "We don't agree with the comment of RK Singh, and it is a personal comment. It doesn't reflect the working style of the party."

Kohli also stated that the BJP was not a party which runs on a single family or individuals. "Anyone who seeks to join the BJP, they only join it because they know it runs on an ideology and democratic system," he added.

Meanwhile, Bihar BJP leader CP Thakur rejected the claim of RK Singh and said, "The party president has taken a lot of consideration before the allotment of the seats. Few seats were given to all allies and the BJP had no role in it. There is nothing wrong with the procedure," Thakur added.

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