Lucknow: The BJP looks determined to scrap the Muslim quota and dent the vote bank of its opposition. The party has made it clear that if it comes to power it will remove the 4.5 percent reservation for Muslims in the OBC quota.

Party’s National vice-president Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi on Monday told reporters, “Congress is not safeguarding Muslims; pressing for the Muslim quota is just an election gimmick to lure votes from the minorities. When the constitution does not permit reservation on the basis on religion how could Congress do so? Congress is pitching for a civil war in the country by doing so. If BJP comes into power it will abolish all the religion based reservations.”

He stated that Muslims are safer and securer in the regions ruled by the BJP.

Attacking Rahul Gandhi, he said, “His dream of becoming the prime minister will not be accomplished once the poll results are declared. Why was Rahul quiet for more than four years on issues of corruption in the state? BJP has provided authentic evidences of scandals worth thousands of crores but there has been no inquiry done by the central government so far.”

Terming BSP, SP and Congress as corrupt parties he said “Rahul’s silence on corruption charges against Bahujan Samaj Party and Samajwadi Party leaders hints at his casual attitude towards corruption.”
Urging the election commission he said. “The top officers of the BSP ruled districts should be ostracized who are working just as cadre and coordinators.”

He also expressed the possibility of a mid-term general election.