BJP's senior leader Venkaiah Naidu told reporters in Panaji on Thursday that the party would conduct a mass campaign including 100 rallies and 543 Lok Sabha conventions.
The party will also campaign through social media which is popular among the younger generation.
"Rallies across the country are a massive success. There has been a wave in favour of Narendra Modi as Prime Minister and for BJP in the Lok Sabha," he said, adding that the party would cross the 200-seat mark on its own.
"Going by the present trend, I am sure that the party will cross 200 seat mark on its own and move further. Every second voter in the country wishes to see Modi as India's Prime Minister," Naidu claimed.
He stated that in his political career of 35 years, he had never seen people discussing politics to such an extent.
"People have hope that Modi will do something good for the country," the BJP leader said.
Modi plans to hold a rally in Bihar on October 26, Naidu said, adding that a wave in favour of the BJP is building up and it will grow further.


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