Bhopal: Expressing anguish over the rejection of proposal to rename Bhopal as ‘Bhojpur’, the general secretary of the Madhya Pradesh Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the party spokesperson Maya Singh said the party will request the central dispensation to reconsider the proposal again.

Mentioning about the Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chahan’s concerted effort to change the name of Dr Ambedkar’s birth place ‘Mahu’ as Ambedkar Nagar and Gotegaon to Sridham, Maya said that the ruling BJP government in the state has achieved success in its earlier attempts.

Maya said taking note of the people’s aspiration to get the names of their respective city changed, as many as 25 cities have been renamed so far.

It needs to be mentioned that considering the cultural heritage of Bhopal, Chief Minister requested the central government to name Bhopal as Bhojpur. Surprisingly, the proposal was not approved.

Maya said the party will again forward the proposal for reconsideration and the central government had to take cognizance, giving importance to the emotional aspect of the people of MP linked with this.