Stressing that NDA wanted the session to function without any disturbance, BJP leader Arun Jaitley said they suspected that various factions within Congress would like to create disruptions.

The NDA constituents met at LK Advani residence on Tuesday to finalize their strategy.

"There are many issues. There is an issue of rising prices, the new disclosure which have come up in the VVIP chopper deal in connection with corruption," Jaitley said.

Asked if he meant the revelation in an Italy court that the middleman wanted the company officials to target the Congress president Sonia Gandhi and her close advisers to seal the deal, he said "certainly, we are going to raise that".

He said NDA's priority would be to ensure that this session functions and there are no disruptions.

"The main issues in the session are like the Telangana Bill, some anti-corruption bills and there is financial business of the government. We will like to give our opinion through debates," he said.

He, however, said BJP doubted the intention of the government and ruling Congress party.

"We doubt that even if the opposition wants the session to function... the government and Congress, the different factions within the party, they will try to create disturbance," he said.

Jaitley added if the government wanted to disrupt it, then they may say for the form's sake that they want these bills passed but will actually try to run away from them.

Leaders from Shiromani Akali Dal and Shiv Sena attended the meeting besides those from BJP.


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