It’s not surprising if the BJP, during its three-day national executive meet in Delhi, had to confront with the question as to why Gujarat Chief Minister fails to turn up at the venue? Although BJP leaders gave a naïve statement that Modi could not attend the meet because of his Navratra fast but it does not hold truth in the eyes of people. It was obvious that the BJP leadership had to direct its leaders during the meet that they should avoid making a statement regarding any claim of prime ministership. It has given rise to the debate that Lal Krishna Advani’s Rath Yatra was not taken in good spirit by Narendra Modi, who has taken it as a threat to his endeavour. Though the BJP leaders along with Advani made it clear that the yatra in no way was related to his claim for the PM post, the general opinion doesn’t seem to prove this fact. The common people understand that the BJP is facing internal conflict amongst the claimants for the prime post. There is nothing wrong in the big leaders to be ambitious, but hiding their notions, making statements to confuse people and hampering the party’s interests in the light of one’s supremacy has no meaning.  It seems the BJP is also witnessing a tug of war amongst its top leadership similar to the present ruling party, whose image has been tarnished. When the BJP is expected to learn a lesson from this episode, it on contrary has started trading on the same path.

The leaders, on the one hand, are stating that the decision over the prime ministerial candidate would be taken at an appropriate moment as it is too early, but on the other, they are sending an indication as if the prime post is falling in their lap. The key reason is that the BJP is now devoid of internal democracy, and now it appears the BJP too has lost the spirit of public service and dedication to the nation like other parties. Had the party been associated with nationalistic feeling, it would have avoided unnecessary debate over the Prime Minister’s post. It seems difficult to understand as to why the BJP leaders fail to comprehend the simple fact that the general elections are far away and the party would come to power only by unity. Therefore, the effort being exhibited in this regard is an iota of truth. The BJP leadership should understand that it will get the public support only when it proves to be different from others. There is no doubt that the BJP appears to be getting an edge due to bad governance of the ruling alliance, but drifting apart from internal democracy is not a sign good for the saffron party. If it begins to face factional feud, the reflection of the same at the state-level would further plummet its image. If the BJP avoids internal democracy the feud among its leaders may turn into chaos, because this is a pretty known fact that the BJP unlike other parties is not dictated either by its leader or by the party president.