New Delhi: Even as Kalyan Singh has rested all the speculations about his comeback to the Bharatiya Janata Party by terming it as a ‘dead snake’, the saffron camp after feeling the pressure from RSS has decided to appease the upset veteran leader who still enjoys a sizeable presence among the electorate in the state.

Therefore, the party is not sparing any effort to placate Kalyan and has decided to open the negotiation through a mediator who is very close to him. Following which, BJP president Nitin Gadkari himself would meet Singh. The party has already sent a clear message that it is not even averse to having an alliance with Singh’s party.

Since the veteran leader has recently expressed his unhappiness, the BJP prior to starting any dialogue has decided to soothe his ruffled feelings. Keeping this aspect into consideration, the party has decided to select a mediator who is very close to Singh. Speculations are ripe that Kusum Rai may be approached for this role. However, Rai has denied to any overtures.

According to political experts, there are two reasons as to why the saffron brigade is so eager to appease the unhappy former Chief Minister. Firstly, the RSS is of the view that if the BJP has to make a comeback in the state it should not have any inhibition in accepting Kalyan Singh who still can play a vital role in the revival of the party’s fortune.

The RSS, therefore, is not in a mood to make any mistake as far as 2012 Assembly elections in the state are concerned.
Perhaps that is the reason it has maintained a good amount of pressure on the BJP to bring the derailed talks with Singh back to the track.

Secondly, the anti-lobby of Rajnath Singh at the national level is also playing a crucial role in wooing Kalyan to counter the former BJP national president. Since Rajnath Singh is not fond of Singh, this particular lobby doesn’t want Kalyan’s chapter to be closed.

This is a mere coincidence that the present state president, Surya Pratap Sahi, is an old follower of Kalyan Singh and has still maintained good rapport with the OBC leader. During Singh’s tenure as Chief Minister, Sahi was his one of the closest associates. 

Notably, the BJP is not throwing weight on the Kalyan Singh’s comeback to the party fold, rather it is more interested in having a political alliance with him so that the party may capitalize on the ‘Kalyan-effect’ in the upcoming assembly polls.

In such a scenario, if the talks begin the party would surely come up with a ‘sure sought formula’ for convincing Singh for the coalition. Even, the party is ready to spare 30 to 35 seats for Kalyan Singh.

(JPN/ Bureau)