New Delhi: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Wednesday welcomed the government's action in ensuring the release of two Indian traders trapped in China.

Welcoming the government action, BJP national spokesperson Tarun Vijay said the government should provide legal assistance to the traders and ensure their return to India immediately.

“We welcome that MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) has managed to sort out the crisis around the Indian traders,” Vijay said.

Two Indian traders, who were being held hostage in the Chinese trading hub of Yiwu, were on Wednesday shifted to a safe place by a team of Indian officials. The traders, Shyamsunder Agrawal and Deek Raheja, were being held captive by local Chinese traders, who asserted that their company owed those millions of Yuan.    

“I spoke to Foreign Secretary Ranjan Mathai about the incident and conveyed the concern of Bharatiya Janata Party. We have requested MEA to provide legal assistance to the Indian traders and arrange to have them sent back home to India immediately,” Vijay said.

The BJP leader also expressed satisfaction at the Chinese government's response to the issue.

“We also express satisfaction at the Chinese response to the incident in initiating action against culprits who manhandled Indian traders,” he said.

Vijay added that more presence of Indian media was needed in China to keep a watch on any such situation that may arise.

“The situation demands that there should be more Indian media presence in China so that such incidents are reported to India through Indian eyes and unnecessary misunderstandings are not allowed to disturb bilateral relations,” he said.