Hyderabad: The leading opposition party BJP on Thursday said that it will announce its Prime Ministerial candidate at the time of the 2014 general elections after due discussions. Party senior leader M Venkaiah Naidu said, “We will announce at the time of polls who is the Prime Ministerial candidate. The Congress itself has not announced.”

When asked to comment on the ‘alternatives’ he said a ‘third alternative’ cannot emerge in the country and the BJP-led NDA is the only alternative to UPA. “The Communists who usually talk about Third Front, are also not talking about it,” the senior leader said.

The string of losses suffered by Congress in the assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh and other states, the local body polls in Mumbai and Thane in Maharashtra, and now in Delhi reflect the public anger against the ruling party, Naidu claimed.

"The minorities are said to be pro-Congress. But the results in Goa and now in Delhi show that they are moving away from Congress. In fact, Congress has lost the confidence of all sections of people in the country," he said.

Naidu alleged the main reasons for the disenchantment against Congress are the "massive corruption, the mis-governance in the form of faulty policies and harassment of non-Congress ruled states and its failure to check price rise which has broken the back of common man".