Guwahati: The BJP on Tuesday said it is fighting the Assam Assembly elections to form the government on its own as people are "displeased and disappointed" with the Congress-led Central and state governments.

"When you are in the election mode you are focused only on winning. So we are fighting to form the government. Our aim is to form the government on our own," said the senior BJP leader Sushma Swaraj.

“In Bihar our strike rate was 99 per cent. In Punjap we got 19 out of 23 seats. When people give they give generously,” she replied when asked about the tall claim the party is making where it has only 10 MLAs in a House of 126.

When asked with which party it will ally to form government in Assam, Swaraj said, "Not thinking about that now. It will be relevant after the election results are out. Formation of alignments for governments is done by our central parliamentary board and not locally here."

The leader of the Opposition in Lok Sabha said to a question whether the absence of pre poll alliance will benefit Congress, “every time the votes need not be divided.”

"People are displeased and disappointed with the Central and state government. This will not cause division of votes but unity of votes. People will decide whom they will vote into power and whom out of power," she insisted.

Confident of her party's victory in Assam elections, she said, "The atmosphere here is very favourable for the BJP due to three factors - there is a strong anti-incumbency feeling against the present state government, utter disappointment with the Congress-led government at the Centre and positive feelings for the BJP."

"The people relate to the issues raised by the BJP...the issues of good governance, commitment and migrants. People feel those are their issues," she claimed.