Lukhnow: With the clarification of Rajnath Singh, special election in-charge of Uttar Pradesh, the cloud of suspense blew out that no outsider will be the candidate for Chief Minister’s post from the BJP as the active campaign of Uma Bharti in the state for upcoming Assembly elections made the party leaders jitter over CM’s candidature. Excerpts:

Q. People referring BJP with the phrase - too many cooks, spoil the broth, is that right?

A.This is a false propaganda.
Q.If we talk about UP, there are three national in-charges, election campaign committee chairman, Uma Bharati and then you as a special election in-charge. The workers are confused that in which office they should present themselves and to whom they should consider their leader?
A.The party workers need not go helter-skelter. The posts you have mentioned have their own jurisdiction. Hence there is no confusion.

Q.Why are UP leaders so restless with Uma Bharti’s active role in the state?
A. I do not think leaders are restless.

Q. If the BJP wins UP Assembly election, who will be the CM?
A. I don’t know who will be the CM, but the party has decided that Chief Minister will hail from Uttar Pradesh. The CM will not be of any other state.

Q. You will also be one of the contenders for CM’s chair?
A. No I am not in the race for the Chief Minister’s post, but if I am required to take the charge for the betterment of the state then I am ready.

Q. As per the statement given by Kalraj Mishra, the public wants to know the name of the BJP’s CM for Uttar Pradesh. What is your opinion?
A. I will put forward my opinion regarding this to the party platform.

Q. It has been said that you are eyeing at larger goal, that is the reason you are backing Kalraj Mishra in UP?
A. I support all party functionaries who are working for the betterment of the state.

Q. What is your strategy to win the UP Assembly election as an election in-charge?

A. To get the BJP back in power in Uttar Pradesh.

Q. But if we talk about at state level, there is a fierce fight inside the BJP?
A. This is not an issue.  If there is wrinkle, that will be ironed out.

Q. Many questions have been raised on the roles of ministers in the party especially in UP. What is your take?
A. This is not true. Everything is all right.