"BJP alone will get absolute majority with more than 300 seats to form government at the Centre. We have a strong and trusted allies like Shiv Sena and Akali Dal. The NDA will touch the magic number without help of any new ally," Swamy told reporters at the sidelines of a function.
"As soon as NDA comes to power, it will cancel all the coal blocks allocated to different companies. We will go on auction route to make fresh allotments of the coal blocks,"
said Swamy, whose Janata Party merged with the BJP in August.
Earlier delivering 13th Harischandra Bauxipatra Memorial Lecture here, Swamy alleged that the Congress-led UPA government failed to contain corruption, terrorism, price rise and to improve relationship with neighbouring countries.
Claiming that Rs 120 lakh crore was illegally stashed in foreign banks by Indians, he said the country got income tax revenue of only Rs two lakh crore per annum and spent similar amount on subsidies on different items.
"The people of India will not have to pay income tax for 60 years, if the government recovers the black money stashed in foreign banks," he said.
Swamy said that severe and exemplary action against "big fishes" could reduce corrupt practice. "As corruption originates from the top, action should be taken against the people at the top."
Criticising UPA government's foreign policy, Swamy claimed all the neighbouring countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, China and even Sri Lanka are against India.
"Our policies should be to improve relationship with neighbours and not to sour it. Wrong policies of UPA government has strained relationship with neighbourers," the BJP leader claimed.
In a separate interaction with reporters earlier in the day, Swamy said the provision of criminal defamation should be scrapped as it is "unconstitutional."
The criminal defamation could land a man in jail which will violate his/her fundamental rights for exercising the freedom of expression, either by writing or oral.
"The criminal defamation provision was also against the freedom of the press," he said adding many countries like the UK and the USA have already scrapped such provision.
Swamy said Madras High Court in the Gopal Vs the State of Tamil Nadu case has already struck down the provision of criminal defamation. However, the case of 1994 was not widely publicised, he said.


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