He said that the Assembly election results were against the ‘misdeeds’ of the Congress which ruled the state for 15 years, but failed to solve the problems confronting people.
Vardhan felt that the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) had eaten more into Congress votes than those of BJP's.
Vardhan, whose party appears to be heading to form the next government by leading in 35 seats, said, "I am going to instruct the administration to make an action plan in the next seven to fifteen days and ensure that we start working on all the fronts simultaneously.”
He said that safety of women would be his government's focus with enhanced patrolling, setting up of a women task force and removing the dark spots from the city.
"We have to remove the dark spots from the city because I had studied (police patrolling) all over the world. In New York and London, where they could remove the dark spots from the city, they were able to reduce crime against women by something like 40 percent", he said.
Vardhan said that the results are a clear indication that Congress has been decimated in the elections.
"They (Congress) got long 15 years but were not able to solve the problem of the city. They are known for their corruption, scams, huge inflation that they have given to us and making our lives miserable," he said.
To a question, he said, "We have no infighting (within the party).”
On being asked if early release of candidates list could have helped the party, he said, "We have to analyze that in detail.”


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