Attacking the AAP government in Delhi on the issue of electricity and water supply, Delhi BJP chief Satish Upadhyay charged that the Delhi government has no vision and did no work on the summer action plan for water and power supply.
"The government has turned a blind eye to the issues of power cuts and water crisis in the city. The Chief minister is on a Goa trip and the minister in-charge of water is touring Punjab.
"There are areas which are reeling under severe shortage of water and there are power cuts for over three hours a day affecting water supply. This government lacks vision and administrative control. While Delhiites are craving for water, the Chief Minister is busy in his political expansion in Goa and Punjab," Upadhyay said.
Apart from power cuts, most areas in Delhi were facing heavy voltage fluctuations due to which there were reports of damage to electronic gadgets like TV, refrigerator and air-conditioners. The protestors demanded that Delhi government ensure that private companies buy and supply adequate electricity to people and resolve the problem.

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