BJP workers at the ground level have already pulled up their socks. Not only the party workers but the Sangh activists would also contribute in intensifying the interaction with the masses and in the development work too.

With Narendra Modi-led government once again chanting the mantra of development, the party MPs and MLAs would also work day and night to ensure that they carry out their duties to the fullest.

It is understood that the party MPs and MLAs have been informed that the funds they receive for the development of their constituencies would be used as per the instructions of the district level party think tank.

The rationale behind such a move is that it will benefit the common public and also purge corruption.

It’s apparent from such a move that the local party MPs and MLAs would now find it hard to provide superfluous benefits to their fawners.

The development efforts would be pre-planned and it would be supervised on the organizational level. Several MPs have already started working on these lines.

There is a solitary motive behind all these efforts by the party i.e. development work should take place on the ground level and the common man should be made to believe that only the BJP could take the nation on the path of development and growth. It is also a way to keep the party workers united.

All the BJP MPs and MLAs have now grasped the actuality that their win in the elections was due to the collective efforts of the party.

More focus on interaction with the public would be paid in Lok Sabha constituencies from where the party does not have its representatives in the Parliament and this entire mass interaction process would go on for the full year.

Actually, the BJP has seemed to accept the reality that the face of Narendra Modi was behind the party winning a staggering 282 seats in the General Elections.

It was basically a whirlwind wave that helped BJP win seats even in those seats where all the political equations were against it.

Therefore, the party now has a view that the personal performances of the BJP MPs must not impinge on the performance of the ruling dispensation. The saffron outfit wants to make stronger its position on these seats for the future.

Efforts are now being taken by the party to ensure success on the assembly seats where the party had taken a lead during the Lok Sabha elections.

In states like West Bengal, the BJP may not have mustered many seats but still the results were deemed positive for the party, especially keeping in mind the Assembly elections. The party is wasting no time to ensure its strong presence in such areas.

Every MP gets Rs 5 crore yearly as per the MPLAD scheme. While Prime Minister Modi has already appealed every Lok Sabha MP to spend this sum for the government’s cleanliness drive in the first year, the party will decide how to spend this amount in the future.

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