"There has been varied ideologies prevalent in the country since long. But the BJP's agenda, at the behest of the RSS, is to impose a single ideology which is not possible in a diverse country like India," Gogoi said.

"The BJP has attacked the Constitution by restricting freedom of speech and expression guaranteed to us by the fundamental rights and this cannot be tolerated," he added.

Expressing his views on JNU Student Union president Kanhaiya Kumar's recent speech, Gogoi said Kumar has rightfully pointed out that they want freedom guaranteed under the Constitution but the Centre has slapped sedition charges against him.
"Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi supported it and sedition charges were pressed against him. I, too, support the demand for freedom," Gogoi said.
I am not agreeing to Kanhaiya's every point but he has a right to freedom of speech and expression and nobody can take that away, the Chief Minister said.


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