“Our opponent’s communal agenda is a grave threat to our country's unity and integrity and Congress is the only party that can ensure that the country remains united," she said.

“In every instance, we have taken corrective action. I want to challenge them here. I am challenging them to make such claim in states ruled by them,” she added.

The UPA chairperson also took a jibe the BJP over its repeated claims of bringing about a change post the Lok Sabha polls.

“What kind of change are they talking about? What kind of change are people of India thinking about?  Do the people of India truly give up the values they cherish.. and trust those who have 'hitched their political careers on falsehoods and blatant lies?” she asked.

“Can the people trust those who keep changing for personal and political gains? Can the people trust those who pretend to be moderate for narrow political gains? Let no one be under such an illusion,” she added.

The Congress president also used the occasion to target the CPI (M)-led Left Democratic Front in Kerala.

“Congress was fighting a different battle in the state against a 'rigid' ideology. Our principal opposition are prisoners of an ideology that has no relevance in today's world. While Congress follows the principle of non-violence taught by the Father of the Nation, the Left Front rejects this principle,” she said.

"What only matters to us is that we are all Indians. The different religions, castes, languages and colours of the skin do not matter. We believe in an India that unites our people while the opposition seeks to divide. Our ideology binds our people together, their ideology separates one Indian from the other," she added.

Sonia further said the Congress-led UPA wants ‘a united India’ where democratic institutions at all levels are strong.

“But the opposition is seeking to weaken institutions by 'one-man rule',” she said while referring to BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi.

“The choice before us is an India that belongs to all of us led by a government working for an India that belongs to all of us or an India that belongs to some of us and serves the interest of only a few,” she added.


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