"With the promise of rebuilding the Ram Mandir and abrogation of Article 370 in their manifesto, the BJP has shown that the agenda of development was a short-term farce and that communal and divisive policies are their true agenda. The most worrying part of BJP’s election manifesto – in line with the recent speeches of their party leaders – is the reiteration of their communal agenda," said a statement issued by the party on Monday.     

It is also said that although the saffron party talks about putting an end to corruption, it has not promised support on amendments over the Lokpal Bill and not included the gas price issue in its manifesto.
"While the BJP pays lip-service to combating corruption and reducing the black economy, it is clear that they are not serious about this agenda. Firstly, they do not promise amendments in the Lokpal Bill, which can bring about strong and independent Lokpal which can effectively curb corruption. Secondly, nor do they promise any electoral reforms which are the starting point for the flow of the black economy," the statement said.
AAP also slammed the BJP for releasing the manifesto on the day when Northeastern states go to polls and said that the party does not regard the Northeastern states as a part of the country.
"The BJP has released its manifesto on the very day that the country has gone to elections. It seems that the BJP does not regard the North-Eastern states, which are going to polls today, significant enough to give them time to consider their agenda and policies,” the statement said.
"We are also surprised that the Election Commission gave permission for the release of the manifesto, given the fact that there was no means of regulating that the live TV release was not telecast in regions going to the polls today," the statement added.
It also said that BJP was following the footsteps of AAP on giving more power to the Gram Sabhas.
"We are happy to note that following the lead taken by the Aam Aadmi Party, the BJP too has talked about moving from a representative to a participatory democracy and empowering Gram Sabhas," the statement said.


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