After getting ways cleared for the Karnataka Rural Development Minister Jagdish Shettar to the post of state’s chief ministership, BJP can take a sigh of relief, but the reasons responsible for the change in guard in the state has badly tarnished the image of the saffron party. Outgoing Chief Minister DV Sadanand Gowda was forced to resign as former Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa was adamant on his removal. He was not only striving to topple the government of his own party but also indicated to go against his party’s stand on upcoming presidential election. It is unfortunate that BJP leadership preferred to concede to his demands. Sadanand Gowda’s ouster from the office of state Chief Minister is strange because his name for the post was proposed by Yeddyurappa himself. It is not difficult for anybody to understand that either Yeddyurappa would not have liked the working style of Gowda or the latter would have denied abiding by Yeddyurappa’s dictates. It is ridiculous that BJP called Gowda as an able leader or a dedicated worker of the party after the latter agreed to resign. If he is an able leader and has so many achievements to count during his short tenure as the Chief Minister of the state then why he was removed from the post. Can one get sure that Yeddyurappa will be satisfied with the functioning of Shettar and would not create any trouble for the party? Now it has also become apparent that even Sadananda Gowda can cause troubles for the state government. The delay in election of Shettar as the leader of Karnataka BJP legislative party shows that Gowda agreed to resign after forcing the party leadership to concede to his demands which reflects in the arrangements made for the Deputy Chief Minister.

It is clear that BJP have become more weak and divided in the Karnataka. The activities witnessed recently in the Karnataka BJP reflect that BJP is no longer in a position to claim itself as a disciplined party. The fact that Yeddyurappa made the fortune of BJP in South India, but his demeanour shows that he considers himself greater than the party. Unfortunately, the number of leaders like Yeddyurappa is swelling in the BJP. The personal ambitions of the leaders seem to be greater than the party interests. It is ironical that even the national leadership of the party is being hamstrung by the problem of factionalism. Perhaps this is the reason why the problems in the state party unit are not being resolved. It is right that the performance of Congress-led UPA government has been disappointing and it is fast losing credibility and being criticized all around, but as the main opposition party, the act of BJP too does not arouse any significant hope. BJP hopes that weakening of the Congress will ultimately benefit them, but it should not overlook the fact that it would not be able to capitalize the weakening of the Congress until they reassures the people that they can become an effective alternative of the party which is in power at the Centre.