The National Executive of CPI, which began a two-day session here, adopted a resolution in this regard, according to CPI General Secretary S Sudhakar Reddy.

"The National Executive of the Communist party of India, currently in session at Hyderabad, with Kanam Rajendran in chair welcomes the stand of Supreme Court on black money and urges upon the apex court to persist with orders for total disclosure of all names of persons who have stashed away black money in foreign banks," the resolution said.

Claiming that the BJP-led government talked about right of privacy of individuals and companies in disclosing the names, the party said it is nothing but an attempt to shield them.

"Earlier, the BJP Government was repeating the arguments of its predecessor – UPA II Government that they can not disclose the names of black money holders as it will breach international agreements.

After Supreme Court punctured this argument it is now crying of rights of privacy of individuals and companies. This is nothing but a crude attempt to shield the culprits. It is believed that the quantum of black money in India is worth USD 3 trillion that is equal to our GDP," the resolution said.

The NDA government has submitted just one list of 627 people given by France, but the government is in possession of other lists received from other countries and foreign banks, it alleged.

"There are other lists in the possession of the government received from other countries and foreign banks.

The National Executive hopes that the Supreme Court will get all these information and not confine it to the Special Investigation Team (SIT). They must be made public," it said.

Asserting that people of India have every right to know the names, the CPI said investigation should be conducted to know how black money was stashed away abroad and for what purposes.

"Apart from holders of foreign accounts, their benefactors including the political parties and other entities should be hauled up. The black money should be confiscated and used for the alleviation of poverty in the country," the resolution said.

The Centre today placed a list of names of 627 Indian account holders in HSBC bank, Geneva in black money case before the SC and directed SIT to open the list and take appropriate action in accordance with law.

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