Zurich, Jan22 (Agencies): The Swiss government has given straight and rigid answers to India's queries on the black money issue as they asked India to wait and to follow the procedure before any secrets can be divulged.

Rudolf Elmer -- the man who is threatening to expose the world's secrets was whisked away behind bars and with him out of the way, India is banking on the Swiss government to reveal its biggest tax thieves.

In its first ever official communication to an Indian news channel, the Swiss Government has made its intentions of stonewalling quite clear.

Mario Tuor, Communication Head, State Secretariat for International Financial Matters (SIF) spoke to media and said, "The new agreement between Switzerland and India was signed last August and has not been put into force yet. The Swiss Parliament has to agree to the same which could take place this summer and hopefully should come into force by the end of this year."

To a question on why India cannot get information like Germany France and the UK, the answer was vague.

Mario said, "That is not specifically with other countries. We have the same procedures with every country that we have agreements with. So we don't automatically give information on banking accounts."

Even specific questions like whether a law passed by the Indian Parliament would persuade the Swiss to part with details, was evaded.

Mario added, "Only if the request is combined with concrete names, we don't answer to general requests. You always need a suspicion and an identification of these people."

Even a direct query on political and public servants from India with black money elicited the same response. The official said, "I cannot give you information on concrete cases because we give information if there is a request only to the authorities and not for publication."

The Swiss pride themselves for their banking secrecy, but through history they have protected money for assassins, dictators and people who have committed the worst human rights violation. So will exposing India's tax cheats be of any priority?

In such a situation, according to experts, India can come down to accessing stolen data from Swiss banks like Germany & France have or give concrete specific proof to Swiss authorities. Alternatively, like America India can sue a Swiss bank for conspiring to defraud the nation of its wealth because the Swiss seem in no mood to cooperate.