New Delhi, Jan 27 (Agencies): Landing a severe blow to the government’s stand on black money issue, Supreme Court on Thursday asked it to reveal the names of tax evaders and the source of the ‘black’ income.

A bench headed by Justice B Sudarshan Reddy directed the government to file its response within a week's time.

The court demanded an additional affidavit on the issue. It also expressed dissatisfaction over the current stand on money being stashed away in Swiss banks. The court asked the government to go after the sources of black money.

It also asked to reveal faces behind the black money stashed away in Swiss banks and report on Hasan Ali, who is alleged to be the biggest tax evader.

“We want to know what steps you have taken against the people who have accumulated so much money in foreign banks. What are the sources of the money," the bench asked.

SC also asked the government what it had done to prosecute those mentioned in the list of Indians holding accounts in Liechtenstein Bank in Germany. It also asked what measures had been taken to prevent money laundering.

"What are the sources of the money? Where has the money come from? It might be because of arms deals, smuggling, narcotics, drug trafficking or something else. These are more serious issues, when you know the name, what action you have taken?," the bench asked.

The hearing on the issue of black money took place against the backdrop of the government's stand which has ruled out disclosure of names of any such account holders, citing secrecy clauses.

SC had earlier pulled up the government for not disclosing names of those who have deposited money in foreign banks, after the Solicitor General said that the government had the information about Indians holding accounts in the Liechtenstein Bank in Germany, but was not inclined to disclose it.

SC had said, "People are taking money out to avoid taxation. It is a plunder of the nation. It is a pure & simple theft of the national money. We are talking about mind-boggling crime."